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New technologies for Bonfanti cereal dryer

Continuous development and work in the agricultural sector of cereal trading has inspired Bonfanti technicians to find solutions that ensure a high degree of efficiency and safety.

Thanks to the use of modern electronic and computer technology, it is now possible to control the drying plant and the various phases of the work remotely, using12 "color touch screen.

Using standard LAN connections, we can now observe and verify work conducted by operators in the comfort office or even, thanks to internet or VPN networks from distant locations.

Thanks to data stored on USB memory sticks it is possible to create diagrams or operational reports and analyze the work throughout the working season.

This allows   control and the optimization of fuel consumption both in production and quality control of the dried cereal.

The new moisture probes, with continuous read out, inserted at various points in the drying tower, give us the opportunity to know results in real time and correct the speed if necessary and working temperatures.

The latest version of these humidity sensors has allowed us to obtain reliable result, with an accuracy of +/- 0.3% on the readout.



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