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BONFANTI cereal dryers: experience, technology, innovation and continue research

Since 1979, the Bonfanti group has been specialised in realising plants for drying cereals and it is constantly working with the most important agro industrial companies, which have added the company’s deep technical knowledge the possibility of accomplishing large-scale plants.

Our designers can develop the solutions most suitable for the customers’ requests by making use of the most recent information media.

The calibration of humidity probes has been simplified and automated using laboratory equipment: the operator inserts the values obtained and the calibration of the sensors is automatically corrected.

The new humidity sensor now ensure both the correct reading of the values (even at considerable distances and with different qualities of electrical connection cables) and better calibration.

The burners have been improved, air distribution is now perfect and automatic modulation allows the treatment of any type of cereal without further mechanical adjustments. The software renders the burners "intelligent" and able to automatically change and adapt, not only to the required temperature, but also to the temperatures inside the dryer.

The level of operational safety has been increased by installing additional control sensors at the most sensitive points, the internal temperatures are continuously monitored and the system is able to switch off the dryer completely at the first sign of danger.

The internal structure has been reinforced to allow installation even in very cold or windy climates, and the number and thickness of internal reinforcements have been increased. New flameproof panels have been installed. The double-chamber insulation has proven to be a simple but very effective thermal insulation system, making possible very low gas consumption.



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