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Interroll Products and Solutions – When "Hi-Tech" meets "Hi-Efficiency"
In constant collaboration with system integrators, machine builders, planners and software designers, Interroll transforms production complexity into intelligent and scalable solutions for a broad range of application areas, including airports, warehouses and parcel couriers, postal services, food manufacturers and many others.
According to data provided by customers, Interroll technologies increase space utilisation in warehouses by up to 50%, allowing a significant increase in the activity of distribution centres and a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50% in the area of parcel handling. Machinery manufacturers throughout the world use the special qualities of Interroll products in the area of conveyors, conveyor rollers and other latest generation offerings. Recognised as the world leader in the production of rollers, Interroll produces up to 10 million rollers per year and offers its customers a range of 60,000 possible variants.
By modernising their existing facilities, Interroll's customers have been able to exploit the potential of optimisation, increasing productivity by up to 30%. All thanks to the technology and products of Interroll.

Products and solutions for the food processing and packaging sectors

Conveyor rollers
Interroll produces up to 10 million conveyor rollers per year and is recognised as a leading global producer of key components for the conveyor industry.

Motorised rollers and controls
With many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of RollerDrive sold worldwide, Interroll is the leading manufacturer of motorised rollers. The Interroll RollerDrive is a self-contained 24 VDC brushless motor drive for a wide range of applications in conveyor technology. The basic idea behind the RollerDrive is the de-centralisation and modularisation of zero pressure accumulation conveyors. The modular conveyor platform, launched in May, is the most efficient and flexible solution for integrating and controlling motorised rollers.

Drum motors
A new addition to the range of Interroll synchronous drum motors provides one of the most powerful and energy-efficient drives for belt conveyors ever developed. It combines the action of the drum motor with the greater efficiency of a synchronous motor with permanent magnet and the end result is an extremely compact, with high torque and excellent dynamic drive and a total energy efficiency of 82% (89% motor and 92.95% transmission gear) running at a maximum temperature of 45°C.
This product is ideal for applications in a sterile environment and after a long series of tests has obtained certification by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).
For the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, this type of drive, used for materials flow, meets the highest international hygiene standards as well as offering a particularly advantageous solution from the point of view of energy savings.


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