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Stainless steel offering maximum guarantee for duration and hygiene
BRUNO WOLHFARTH celebrates at 26th SIMEI exhibition its 50th year of operation. In fact it showed for the first time its patented filters on the occasion of the 2nd SIMEI in 1965.
The slogan "Passione d'Acciaio" (The Passion for Steel), that stands out on the wall of the company's stand, highlights the characteristic of Wolhfarth machines: that is the machining of steel solid bar, for turning and milling. Pumps and filters manufactured in the factory in Sordio, in the Lodi area, do not consist in parts obtained by fusion and do not have seals. This technique allows to obtain perfectly smooth, compact surfaces without any need for surface treatment. Both in designing and manufacturing the filters and pumps by Wolhfarth fully meet the standards of cleanliness and hygiene required by food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.
Filters, known for their peculiar round shape, work with filtering cardboard sheets available with different porosity: for grinding, buffing and clarify liquids and do not have seals, that could provoke stagnation thus contaminating the product.
The self-priming and reversible pumps (at first use they do not need to be filled and can work in both directions), with flexible impeller made of elastomer, are suitable for delicate transfer at different stages of preparation and for filling hoppers of packaging lines of liquid and dense products, even including those of high density and viscosity.
In addition to various models of the original "RAPID" series Bruno Wolhfarth exhibits the latest series models of the "RAPID SANITARY" series, responding to the EC Directive for food contact materials, of the "AC"  titanium series, for corrosive acids, the "ATEX" version for use in explosive environments, models with mechanical speed variator and with on-board digital inverter for flow control.
Thanks to the wealth of technological and design knowledge gained in 50 years, Bruno Wolhfarth now invests in innovation, for the research on materials and electrical equipment, with special attention to safety, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. 


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