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Brown cane sugars: Golden, refined and unrefined.
ASR Group’s expertise comes from 150 years of combined experience. The group refines more cane sugar than any other company in the world, sources from over 40 countries,  and have the capacity to refine 6 million tonnes of raw sugar every year, at 11 refineries, on 3 continents. No other sugar refiner has ASR Group’s scale and end-to-end capability.

ASR Group offers a large range of brown cane sugars to Italian industries
Brown cane sugars offer a variety of colours, flavours and textures to finished products. ASR Grpup garantees its products all as clean label ingredients, solely made from pure sugar cane.
Only sugar cane produces brown sugars and ASR Group’s expertise as the world’s largest cane sugar refiner shows in the quality of its products. Unrefined Demerara, Golden and Qwik-Flo ® sugars are dry and free-flowing while still benefiting from appealing brown colours and naturally occurring caramel flavours. Soft Cane Sugars are moist from a high content of molasses and feature fine, quick dissolving crystals.

ASR Group offers not only a large range of products but some specific industrial solutions too.
ASR Group monitors global trends, developing new packaged and industrial solutions. And works with its manufacturing customers to understand how innovations can support their businesses. ASR Group has dedicated innovation centres in Europe and North America, giving them unique capabilities.

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