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Chicza comes from Mexico and is the first and only completely biodegradable chewing-gum, certified organic and vegan in all the world. Chew healthy...chew organic!

Have you ever had the pleasure to chew a true natural chewing-gum? Are you sure? Because in the world there is only one! Chicza comes from Mexico and is the first and only completely biodegradable chewing-gum, certified organic and vegan in all the world, record which it won no less than 22 awards.


Chicza is 100% Biodegradable: Well.. Chicza comes from the earth and returns to the earth; Chewing Chicza would reduce drastically the environmental pollution caused by traditional chewing gum that employ 5-6 years to biodegrade in the environment. According to official figures are 23,000 tons of waste, which generally are not disposed of properly and left in the streets every year. And all this has a crazy cost for local authorities who are forced to intervene, only spending in Italy 16.4 million euro of public money to remove those hateful multicolored spots that are seen in the squares, on the sidewalks and in the streets of many Italian cities.


Chicza Is 100% Organic: the ingredients of Chicza are natural and organic certificates from BioAgricert and are chosen with care to maintain the well-being of the consumer. Chicza is composed of a 40% of totally natural based gum (unlike the industrial chewing gum that have just a 5%), because obtained from natural waxes and chicle. It is also sweet amended with organic Agave syrup has a glycemic index lower than other sugars, as well as the honey itself.


Chicza Is 100% Eco-Solidale: Chicza represents for more than 2,000 Chicleros a chance to work that does not damage the forest: the incisions made in the bark will regenerate and the Sapodilla tree, although "wounded" continue to "breathe". In more than 2,000 chicleros came together in 56 cooperatives and own 1,350,000 hectares of Chicozapote, hence the name of this new gum. Among gatherers and their families, thank Chicza are more than 10,000 people who have seen their condition improve and stabilize.


Chicza Is Kosher: The kosher certification is a seal of quality issued by the Jewish Community. Many consumers choose these products because they are healthier and safer. The certification ensures the selection of ingredients, the care in the production and genuineness of the product.


Chicza Is Gluten Free: Definitely good news! The analyzes,  carried out in a certified laboratory, available on the site, showed that Chicza does not contain traces of gluten.



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