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Alit, a company in constant motion
Since 1999 Alit is in constant motion because it invest a lot of time in the search for new technological solutions for its core business: food product handling.
Proofing, cooling and freezing of baked products in bulk or in pan and handling it in new or existing production lines; Alit makes it only by means of proven solutions that ensure the highest reliability over the years.
The pinnacle of this continuous research are the externally driven spirals: Aliflex and Spinflex, each made with unique Alit patented technology.

Step Proofer

In addition to the typical single tower design these patents allow new and interesting solutions: Low-in/Low-out in the same tower or oval design (race-track) to minimize the footprint of the units, optimizing the floor space used.
Spinflex, the plastic chain model, grants an incredibly low noise level and the ultra-low friction of the chain allowed Alit to cut 40% on the motor size, down to an amazing 0,55-2,2kW on an average capacity unit.
The Open and accessible design of Alit spirals allows full control of the air direction in freezers, coolers and proofers granting an easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
It is consequently possible to use vertical, horizontal and mix air-flow in the freezers with optional automatic sequential defrosting for 24/7 production.
To complete the spirals range Alit developed solutions to meet all the production lines automation needs: proofing systems with step or paternoster logic, oven loader and unloader, elevators, vertical and horizontal switches, trays circuit with delidder and depanner, automatic trays and cover storage, buffering and many more.
Alit is present in over 40 countries ensuring high reliability, thanks to its After Sales Team and to the design and production of all the critical components strictly made under its direct supervision.
Interesting warranty extension plans combined with long-term assistance package complete the service to the customers.
More information and video visiting our YouTube Channel

Table Top Proofer Inlet/outlet

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