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Dall’esperienza di SIA Guest e Sapore nasce a

The new exhibition, which will highlight the experience of SIA Guest and Sapore, will be held at Rimini Fiera from 23rd to 26th February 2013

The curtain is rising on the new event being launched by Rimini Fiera to highlight the experience of SIA Guest and Sapore, an event that right from its very name puts a strong accent on Rimini´s identity: RHEX, the acronym of Rimini Horeca Expo, brings to mind the legendary passing of the transatlantic liner immortalized by Federico Fellini in his film ´Amarcord´.

The visual identity concept, based on the geometric figure of a triangle, refers to the three elements characterizing the expo: hotels - restaurants - cafés/catering and, developing time after time, in the various media, emphasizes their innovative aspects in a dynamic manner.

RHEX will launch a unique format highlighting trends and consumption of the time we pass ´away from home´. Laid out in innovative ´containers´, the expo project will offer not only an extraordinary showcase for exhibitors from the hotel industry, as well as those from the hospitality, food service/catering and entertainment worlds, but also the means with which visitors can immediately understand the direction in which the market is heading. And ´on board´, for both exhibiting companies and specialized visitors, tangible opportunities for business and development of international prospects. In fact, the foreign markets require a greater concentration of the events, rationalization of time and resources and concrete appointments. Precisely what RHEX offers.

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