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SISA, Società Italiana di Scienza dell’Alimentazione (the Italian Society of Food Science) organized in Rome on 21 and 22 June 2013, the Seventeenth National Congress entitled "Food and Nutrition: use and abuse of resources."

In the introductory session of the first day of the conference will talk about the dual role of diet in the induction and protection from metabolic stress and, in particular, nutritional modulation of oxidative stress in humans: the dilemma redox: probiotics, polyphenols and immunities; subclinical inflammation by feeding and metabolic syndrome.

It will deepen the non-drug therapy of hypercholesterolemia, with reference to the role of functional foods and nutraceuticals, and will be presented the report of the activities carried out by the Federation of the Italian Society of Nutrition (FeSIN).

Topic of the afternoon session will instead be the actuality in terms of food security, with interventions dedicated to the protection and quality of the food supply chain, safety and quality of catering, present and future of nutrition labels.

On the second day will be on stage overweight and obesity in childhood and actions will discuss the epidemiology of overweight and obesity in childhood, pathogenesis and pathophysiology of childhood obesity and nutritional counseling and behavioral. It is also scheduled to present the results of research projects sponsored by the SISA (evaluation of the nutritional status of the school population of the 11 municipalities of the Province of Catanzaro; evaluation of the nutritional status of the school population of some towns in the province of Pesaro and Urbino situation nutrition of children of a favela of Santa Cruz de la Sierra-Bolivia).

In the second session we will compare different diets (lose weight; Isocaloric diets compared: the calorie is still valid?, Use and abuse of supplements in diets, fad diets and risks).

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