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RIDASCREEN® FAST ELISA kit for the analysis of mycotoxins


RIDASCREEN® and RIDASCREEN® FAST ELISA kit by R-Biopharm for the analysis of mycotoxins:
consolidated experience and reliability of results


With RIDASCREEN® and RIDASCREEN® FAST ELISA kits from R-Biopharm you have the guarantee of years of experience in mycotoxin analysis and in the development of sensitive and reliable systems. You can choose from the range of products for the detection, in food, feed and raw materials, of all the mycotoxins of interest subject to regulations: Aflatoxin B1-B2-G1-G2, Ochratoxin A, Fumonisin B1-B2, DON, Zearalenone, Toxin T-2 and HT-2, Citrinine.

For the reading of the results of RIDASCREEN® ELISA tests, the simple use of a 450 nm microplate reader, such as RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96, is required: compact and versatile, the device is suitable for any laboratory and, thanks to modern LED technology, allows the simultaneous measurement of all 96 wells in just 5 seconds. The device is precise, robust and requires no additional power supply apart from the USB connection for the computer.

• Versatility: 4 LEDs with different wavelength (405, 450, 540 and 630 nm)
• Unique and space saving design: Footprint about one microtiterplate 
• Accuracy: High precision through innovative LED technology
• Speed: Less than 5 seconds measurement time through 96 channels
• Robustness: no moving mechanics during scanning process
• Ease of use: no additional power supply required



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