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Soy protein detection and quantification with R-Biopharm


LFD, ELISA and Real-time PCR for surfaces, raw materials and heat processed food


Soybeans are considered an important protein source and are widely used as a substitute for proteins of animal origin (for example in tofu, soy milk or soy yogurt). In addition to having a high protein content, soybeans are also high in fat (about 20%) and are often used as emulsifiers because they improve the consistency of food. The constant growth of soy products has been accompanied, over the years, by the increase in allergies caused by the presence of soy as an ingredient or involuntary contamination during the production process. Concentrations of only 5 mg of soy proteins are sufficient to trigger allergic reactions. For this reason, soybeans, as an allergen, have to be labeled as an ingredient on food in almost all countries around the world.

The product range soy detection kits of R-Biopharm includes rapid tests, ELISA systems and real-time PCR kits:

 immunochromatographic rapid test used as a swab test for the determination of soy on surfaces or for the qualitative detection of soy in raw materials and processed products.

ELISA kit for the quantification of soy proteins in raw materials and in processed products. The results are measured by a microplate reader at 450 nm (for example RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96).

SureFood® ALLERGEN Soya/ SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Soya/Celery/Mustard+IAC
real-time PCR kit for the qualitative or quantitative detection of soy DNA (Glycine max) as well as for multiplex analysis for the simultaneous determination of soy, celery and mustard. The RIDA®CYCLER portable thermocycler is available for amplification.

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