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The Bolt is an open-platform for ELISA automatic execution. It can host potentially any kind of plate-based immunoassay. It is a valid support in the analysis of glyphosate residues, as the procedure has already been verified and validated.

Glyphosate is a general herbicide applied to food and nonfood field crops such as soybeans, field corn, and hay for the destruction of weeds. It is currently approved in the EU until 15 December 2022. The Commission regulation (EU) 293/2013 amends the maximum residue levels of glyphosate in several products, including fruits, vegetables, tea, spices, honey and food of animal origin. 

The whole food and feed production chain needs hence to access reliable and cost efficient analytical tools for the verification of glyphosate residues in several matrices. 

Eurofins Tecna distributes in Italy an ELISA test kit for the quantitative screening of glyphosate residues. The test kit is a sensitive, cost effective, easy to use analytical kit, suitable to run several samples in parallel per session and collect results within a couple of hours. The assay has been validated for the analysis of different products, like cereals, coffee, honey, legumes, wine, bier, vegetal oil. 

For food and feed industry that aim to manage the risk of glyphosate contamination of materials and products with consistency and awareness, the investment for arranging an ELISA laboratory is very little. Eurofins Tecna can support the full arrangement of a novel screening in-house laboratory and provide the training and assistance to run the analysis and manage the results. 

Alternatively, it is possible to have the analysis run with an automatic analyzer. The BOLT is a compact, cost efficient, reliable and precise ELISA robot that frees the personel and reduces the accidental mistakes. The analysis is therefore standardized, results are collected with mimum investment and little engagement of technicians. 

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