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Total aflatoxins: a novel rapid, accurate, sensitive, solvent-free test kit is available


Eurofins Tecna is proud to present H2AFLA, a novel fast ELISA test kit for total aflatoxins quantitative analysis. The assay provides result in 10 minutes only and does not require to use any solvent for the sample preparation. 

The kit has been developed and validated by the R&D team of Eurofins Tecna in Trieste, Italy, in the laboratories settled in Area Science Park. The researchers obtained an antibody with a broad and compact spectrum of cross-reactivities, with 100% specificity fo aflatoxin B1, 92% for aflatoxin B2, 86% for G1 and 76% for G2. 

The selected antibody has also a good sensitivity and allows the quantitative detection of total aflatoxins in the dynamic range 2.5 – 50 ppb. The measuring range can be extended up to 250 ppb by diluting the sample, as linearity experiments shown. 

The assay has been validated on several matrices, like corn, wheat, sorghum, brown rice, peanut, pistachio, walnut, copra. Other applications will follow within 2021. For performance validation, naturally incurred materials have been preferred when available. When spiking experiments were run, a mixture of aflatoxins have been used in different ratio to challenge the test accuracy. The results were always fully satisfactory, both when aflatoxin B1 was the predominant toxin and when the other forms were present in relevant percentages. 

The last important feature is the absence of any solvent in the kit and for the sample preparation. The aflatoxins extraction is arranged using a non-toxic buffer. Despite the fact that ELISA assays are usually run in well-equipped laboratories by trained personnel that know how to store, handle and discard properly the solvent, the removal of methanol from the procedure is a relevant benefit for workers and environment safety. 


Eurofins Tecna 
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Eurofins Tecna 21 04 2 

Eurofins Tecna researchers have developed a novel plate-based enzyme immunoassay for the fast detection of total aflatoxins. They used a broad-range antibody able to detect all the aflatoxins forms with high sensitivity, and they were able to remove completely the solvent from the sample preparation procedure, supporting the workers and the environmental safety.

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