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Grainar introduces Alfa Hybrid


The ingenious and powerful intelligent platform that helps millers and bakers create products for the consumers of the future


Alfa Hybrid combines the latest developments in the field of bioscience and industrial analytics. We can process and analyze large amounts of data very quickly, reliably and effortlessly! Alfa Hybrid can be an incredibly useful methodology based on the fact that we can build recipes and process with the same precision as highly skilled millers and bakers.

The future is smart

To be at the forefront and to be successful, companies must be able to anticipate their customers' needs to meet their expectations and their changing habits.  Alfa Hybrid supports them using highly sophisticated analytical tools and applied chemometrical practices. These allow us to simulate multiple interactions between ingredients, production processes, product prices and purchasing decisions.  Alfa Hybrid ability to analyse huge data flows, even complex ones, go beyond human capabilities. Therefore, companies that decide to adopt Alfa Hybrid, exploiting the potential and advantages of this highly innovative technology, automatically find themselves in a leading position compared to competition. Because they can develop easier and faster new types of flour, bread, biscuits. , cakes, etc. Also they can understand in depth the impact of key variables, such as protein content & quality, grain size, starch damage, etc. on dough behavior. In addition to assess how the empirical rheology tests, like alveograph, farinograph and extensograph, are related with the baking performance. Moreover, to understand how the milling diagram affects the quality of the flour and how the baking process affects the quality of the bread.

The use of such tactics in the milling and baking industry is a big step forward. From conventional solutions to the advanced hybrid methodology that helps to respond  faster, more adaptable, more efficiently, with deeper knowledge and spectacular results.

Here in Grainar we are very proud of Alfa Hybrid!!! It is a real breakthrough, a tool that creates strategic opportunities for our customers to sell more, reduce operating costs and most importantly keep up with consumer trends

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