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NIR spectrometry has established itself as a viable alternative to classical analytical methods. It is used for rapid checks on raw materials, production intermediates and finished products, for the determination of moisture, protein, fat, salt, ash, etc.

With a view to optimising and improving the agri-food process, the new ProxiMate™ BUCHI is an innovative instrument that combines exceptional robustness with high quality analytical performance, which can be placed close to production lines for process control and management. IP69 certification for water and dust makes it suitable for even the harshest environments.

Compared to other similar instruments already on the market, ProxiMate™ stands out for its unique reading of the sample both from above and below, always ensuring the best spectral acquisition. 
Another key feature is the ability to combine NIR and visible readings, thus expanding the usable parameters.
Equipped with an integrated touch-screen monitor, ProxiMate™ is also easy to use thanks to the Autocal® function that allows you to develop new calibrations without worrying about chemometrics. 

With the innovative Flux Console you can manage large networks of instruments with a few simple clicks. From the headquarters, you can manage all functionalities such as transferring calibrations, storing measurement reports and any other kind of data to all connected instruments.

For Online applications, BUCHI proposes the NIR-Online system that offers different solutions that can be installed directly on the line, capable of providing real-time monitoring of production processes to the advantage of optimising plant management, avoiding reworking of out-of-specification batches and their eventual disposal, with consequent economic losses.
The instrument has an IP65-68 protection rating against dust and water, as well as ATEX certification for gas and dust.
For some configurations, a Multipoint version is also available, which can check up to 10 points with a single spectrometer.

Finally, the NIRFlex N-500 is the most versatile solution for use in research laboratories. The six different measuring cells and the many accessories allow you to always have the best sample presentation.

BUCHI Italy, active since 1992, is at your disposal to present the full range of its instruments and to provide you with the necessary technical and application support.

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