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Strip Lateral Flow Device (LFD) for allergens and glyphosate testing by Eurofins Technologies: simple to use, fast and reliable, with the possibility of quantitative results using the RapidScan ST5-W portable reader.


During a time when sensitivity to hygiene and quality issues is increasing, having easy-to-use and reliable solutions is essential for raw materials control. Eurofins Tecna, as part of Eurofins Technologies network of companies, provides simple, cost-effective and quick analytical solutions to food industries.

Rapid tests such as Lateral flow Device (LFD) strips, enable rapid analysis on field or during process steps through simple sample preparation, minimal training and investment, and quantitative results thanks to the new dedicated reader.

Eurofins Tecna offers:

- a SENSIStrip lateral flow line for Allergens
- the unique lateral flow strip for Glyphosate on the market
- the new stand-alone RapidScan ST5-W portable reader.

The SENSIStrip line of lateral flow kits detects a wide range of allergens (including gluten, egg, milk, shellfish, soy, and several nuts) enables qualitative analysis on foods, work surfaces, and washing water. Each kit includes the necessary, ready-to-use materials to perform 20 individual tests.

The lateral flow strip for glyphosate can be used for water analysis and test many other matrices including dry pasta, cereals, green coffee, honey and many more. The kits provide semi-quantitative results, allowing each sample to be classified into contamination ranges. Each kit includes all the materials and reagents needed for sample analysis and derivatization step, needed matrix-specific materials could be ordered separately. 

A great new available device is the RapidScan ST5-W strip reader: portable, easy-to-use and highly flexible, already validated with many of our rapid tests (including gluten, glyphosate) for digital, robust and standardized data, with no doubts or errors in visual interpretation.

For test set-up, training, and kits - rely on quality and support by Eurofins Tecna. 

Eurofins Tecna 
Area Science Park, Padriciano 99 – 34149 Trieste - Italy
Tel. +390403755341 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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