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Design and Moulds: DeMo

DeMo, which stands for De-sign and Mo-ulds, was founded in 2005 and since then it has always distinguished itself for haute design solutions with top technical performance, concentrating on creativity, research, flexibility, competence, and innovation.

As a competent player on the PET packaging panorama, DeMo has always been attentive and sensitive to the complex and diverse expectations of the market in the broadest sense of ecology and marketing. It makes these the leitmotiv that guides and inspires its projects: original and elegant ones, which are at the same time “green” and lightweight.

In recent years, packaging has taken on an increasingly strategic role in the success of a product. As packaging for liquids, PET bottles have an important part in transmitting environments and values, and at the same time it must fulfil the expectations of global consumers who are demanding with regard to good taste and have a growing interest in environmental issues. A PET bottle is a fundamental communication vehicle on the current and future scene of liquid beverages.

DeMo develops ambitious projects in symbiosis with its customers, employing its professional skills and experience to work together throughout all the different stages of the industrialization process for a new container. Its mission is to work with its customers to achieve the aim of involving them emotionally, to let them experience something new: the bigger te success of the product, that is when “the container overwhelmed its contents and the subject is no longer the goods, but their wrappers” (Benjamin Sabatier). Many Italian and foreign companies share this vision and have chosen to work with DeMo.

Thanks to its high technology machinery and the latest generation CAD-CAM systems, DeMo develops complex projects and, in its production facilities, makes blower moulds for producing all types of containers on the most important blower machines on the market. It studies technical solutions for the recovery of existing moulds with “an eye” on savings and cost rationalization and it supports customers in choosing from several investment possibilities, especially with regard to raw materials and energy savings.

Finally, DeMo completes its service by providing rapid supplies of 3D renderings, mock-ups, sample bottles and moulds, laboratory tests when starting production of new containers, assistance at format changeovers, conversion kits, and general consultancy at 360°.


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