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Less salt, more flavour!

Reducing salt while maintaining taste is one of the food industry’s biggest challenges. Now help is at hand with new Sosense Miso Powder, the natural flavour enhancer.
Delivering 50-100% salt and MSG replacement while enhancing flavour, Sosense represents an all-natural breakthrough in food manufacturing.
Sosense is dried and powered miso – fermented soya bean paste – an entirely natural product and process, imported by BIS Ltd in Europe and produced by one Japan’s leading and longest-established miso producers, Myiyasaka Jozo Co Tld, founded in 1662 as a sake producer.
Sosense Miso Powder is available in two variaties: Aka (red) and Shiro (white).
Sosense Miso Powder Aka is a light red-brown powder obtained by freeze drying Aka miso. Aka, or red miso is the unique result of a very long aging process. It has a full body, and a strong and complete rounded flavour.
Sosense Miso Powder Shiro is a pale yellow powder obtained by freeze drying Shiro miso. It is obtained via a shorter process of maturation that results in a milder, sweeter product, with a potential use across a much wider range of foods.
Sosense Miso Powder can be used in almost any food application where salt and/or MSG is currently used: in breads, ready meals, snacks, soups, sauces, seasonings and coatings, and as a direct salt replacement by caterers and chefs.
Both products are distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli SpA. To learn more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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