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YASO by Fitorex, a unique source of proteins
YASO is a sprouted soya raw material, germinated, processed, pasteurized and packaged using Fitorex patent-protected process, having a neutral aroma and flavour. A source of highly digestible and complete protein, fiber. 
Available as sprouted whole soya beans, or in paste form (ground), pasteurized or sterilized, or roasted 100% natural, GMO-free product, IP.
During the natural process of germination, enzyme stores in the soya bean activate and increase its nutritional value to provide the strong growth into a healthy plant. Fitorex interrupts the sprouting process just at the point where nutrient values reach their peak and offer this unique, nutrition-packed form of soya to the food industry.



Sprouting benefits
- Increased vitamins (C, E, K) and minerals
- Increased free isoflavonoids and GABA
- Increased antioxidants
- Increased nutrient absorption
- Better digestibility
- Better taste
- No flatulence

Technological benefits
- Freeze-thaw stability
- Tolerates pasteurization and sterilization
- Cooked, ready for immediate use
- No limitations for further cooking and frying
- Neutral taste

Nutritional values
Outstanding source of high digestible proteins, vitamins, omega 3, omega-6 fatty acids and high fibre combined with low carbohydrate.


Main applications
YASOis a perfect meat replacer. Fits to balanced diet, gluten- and lactose-free meals, low carb and diebetic diets. Vegetarian foods (meat free sausage, burger, paté and ready meal, pasta, bread, tofu), fresh/chilled and frozen foods.
The whole range of YASO products, including the brand-new BIO version, is distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli SpA.

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