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Do not say no to “sweet” little joys in life!
It’s Summer, at last!, and… sugar becomes one of the main enemies if you want to get fit and lose weight. Unfortunately giving up sugar often means giving up some little joys of life. Why deprive yourself of all this? Why not be able to enjoy something sweet without feeling sorry and guilty?
Erythritolis the solution to this dilemma.
Erythritol is a natural sweetener with 70% of the sweetnessof sugar, but zero calories. It is therefore ideal for renewing traditional recipes, formulating light products...
Erythritol also combines the words "health" and "natural". It is effectively obtained by natural fermentation (with yeast) of sugar substrates: a plus that locates erythritol in the top positions of the ranking of ingredients able to replace sugar.
Already used in many light products due to its low glycemic indexand its zero calories, now it can also be used in theformulation of flavored drinks, low-energy or with no added sugars drinks, in compliance with the recent publication of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1832 of 12 October 2015 - amending Annex II of Reg. EC N. 1333/2008 – according to which Erythritol can also be used as flavor enhancers in this food category (cat . 14.1.4) with a maximum level of 1.6%.
This dosage represents the maximum consumption dosage, in order to avoid laxative effects. The Authority has based its findings on data that includes an exposure estimate, taking into account the maximum level of 1.6% of erythritol proposed in the non-alcoholic beverages, the history of use of erythritol, its absorption characteristics and the absence of negative outcomes, including laxative effects, following exposure to the substance.
This publication is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers of beverages: erythritol can in fact be used to replace sugar, producing beverages with a flavor profile similar to the traditional ones, but less and less caloric.
Erythritol is also developing a very good synergy with other intensive sweeteners such as sucralose, acesulfame K and aspartame: it acts as a flavor enhancer and helps moderate dissonance in flavors and lingering sweetness associated with the use of these intensive sweeteners; a simple solution that will not require the total distortion of recipes.
Do not give up the pleasure, choose Erythritol!

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