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CEKOL® AFI for animal nutrition

Healthy and balanced food play an important role in animal health and welfare. This is also true for the production of safe products of animal origin. 

More and more attention is paid on the importance of ensuring feed safety and on the need to prevent and control the presence of undesirable substances, such as dioxin and aflatoxins. For this reason, animal feed and feed ingredient compliances are of increasing importance and suppliers provide more products fulfilling these requirements.

The whole CEKOL® AFI Product Family for Animal Feed Applications meets GMP+ requirements.

CEKOL AFI is cellulose gum, a highly purified cold-water soluble polymer derived from sustainably sourced cellulose. CEKOL® AFI product family is specifically developed for animal feed applications providing several important benefits:

•Good binding power (example: for improved pellet quality)

•Efficient thickening (example: for desired texture of pet food gravy)

•Excellent water binding capability (example: to keep the moist feed fresh after serving)

•Cold and hot water soluble

•GMP+ compliant portfolio

CEKOL® AFI Products feature different viscosity grades ranging from 500 to 3500 Cps (sol.1%-25°C) to meet the most diverse needs

CEKOL® AFI products are distributed in Italy by Faravelli Animal Nutrition Division. For more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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