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Plant-based nutrition: Faravelli's solutions

ProVeg International recently interviewed more than 6,000 consumers in nine European countries, to identify priorities for the improvement and development of plant-based products, based on experience in purchasing and consumption.

The category of alternative cheese is perhaps among the richest in offer, albeit with ample room for improvement in taste. In this scenario the vegan aromas of Jeneil are ideal for obtaining a tasty product at a low dosage, which recreates the typical aromatic notes of cheese.

The demand for ready meals is also very high, especially for alternatives to meat and baked goods: Lallemands yeast extracts, autolysed yeasts and inactive yeasts can contribute to giving improved features to plant based applications (burgers and cheeses). Lallemand products guarantee a longer lasting perception of flavor, while reducing the content in sodium. At the same time, they improve consistency and rheology in the preparation phase.

Vegan nutrition may lack in vitamins and mineral salts (B-group vitamins, iron, calcium and iodine): Lallemand Health Solution has studied a portfolio of yeasts naturally enriched with these macronutrients, to be added directly to any preparation and therefore perfect to compensate for any macronutrient deficiency. For those who prefer these salts in their organic and inorganic form, Dr. Paul Lohmann offers a very large portfolio, suitable for all needs.

From a technological point of view there are many manufacturing companies looking for thickeners that allow to obtain stable structures, even after cooking: the modified tapioca starch from SMS Corporation allows you to obtain a product (as in the case of vegetable burgers) with better cooking yield, both for consistency and for maintaining shape and volume, compared to methylcellulose or carrageenan. Tapioca starch is not the only alternative, however: the trehalose of  Hayashibara Co.. is a multifunctional sugar that prevents the retrogradation of starches, the denaturation of proteins and the oxidation / degradation of fatty acids, preserving the quality of food.

With natural ingredients, the main problem is often the shelf-life of the finished products: to improve the conservation and protect the product from Listeria Monocytgenes Galactic has developed some clean label solutions, able to replace potassium sorbate and traditional ones preservatives. They are products of acetic fermentation and lactic fermentation, for a label that is as clean and natural as possible, designed for those consumers who have chosen vegan food as a lifestyle for ethical or environmental reasons to consider.

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