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Healthy and tasty: it’s GOFOS chocolate!


GALAM won the battle between taste and health by the ultimate combo of chocolate with GOFOS™! GOFOS™ chocolate is a 60% dark chocolate, 30% less sugar, enriched with FOS dietary fibers!


GOFOS™ is a soluble dietary fiber that allows sugar reduction while enriching your product with functional dietary fibers that are sweet and have the closest similarity to the taste of ordinary sugar without any off-tastes that are so common in sugar reduced products.
Used in a variety of chocolate recipes, global chocolate manufacturers apply GOFOS™ to enjoy both worlds: claiming clients satisfaction while producing a healthy product.

GOFOS™ enriched Chocolates are sugar reduced, well balanced texture, taste, mouthfeel and have prebiotic functions.

GOFOS ™ is distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli.

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