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Clean label mayonnaise ? NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber 


An innovative dietary fibre obtained from citrus peelsNUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber by CP Kelco is ideal for the production of a wide range of food products, such as sauces, mayonnaise and gravies.

Thanks to its excellent structuring and emulsifying properties, NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber  will make your preparations taste great and totally clean.
There are so many recipes in which it can be used!

You can replace gums, starches and eggs in mayonnaise (also vegan and fat-free). Barbecue, béarnaise, French and Dutch sauces, almond sauce, ketchup, tomato concentrates and many other condiments can be reformulated to provide gourmet and clean label recipes.

NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber is a great alternative to gums, starches and eggs; it binds water and creates very stable oil emulsions; has viscosity/texturizing properties; it does not give rise to syneresis; the dosage is very low, comparable to that of traditional gums (0.3 - 2%).
For correct functionality, it is necessary to activate the fibre by means of strong agitation (the homogenisation process is optimal); it is resistant to heat treatments and low pH.

Distributed in Italy by Faravelli Food Division.
For further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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