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NUTRAVA Citrus Zest™ for clean label juices


NUTRAVA Citrus Zest™ is the new fibre that Cp Kelco is dedicating to juice and beverage producers who are looking for the perfect recipe, combining innovation and tradition, to satisfy their customers' thirst for freshness and lightness.

Extracted directly from citrus peels, it boasts a dietary fibre content of at least 80%, with a soluble (pectin) and insoluble (cellulose) fibre fraction.
As such, it has a high viscosity and suspending capacity and is therefore an excellent clean label alternative to traditional gums.
A not inconsiderable aspect, it is compatible with traditional production processes; for its activation, it is not necessary to hydrate it while hot - as is the case with pectins: it will only be necessary to subject it to good agitation.  

Main characteristics
enhances fruit flavour, while providing texture and palatability in recipes with low sugar and/or pulp content
- excellent alternative to traditional stabilisers- good stability over time
- suitable for low pHpractical and quick: can be added directly as a powder to the other ingredients
- compatible with standard production processes
no pre-drying and heat treatment
- can be used in short- and long-life drinks 

NUTRAVA Citrus Zest™
is distributed in Italy by  Faravelli Food Division. 
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