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Organic yeasts by Lallemand
Lallemand, acompany active in the market of yeast since 1920, has developed a line of yeast extracts and inactivated yeastsable to cover many different needs.
Yeast extract is a natural flavor enhancer, which contains all the components naturally offered by the yeast (vitamins, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates). Unlike classical flavor enhancers composed by a single ingredient (such as MSG), yeast extracts contain a set of components that, in addition to exalt a single aromatic profile, are able to balance all notes naturally present in a product. They find application in a variety of preparations: from soups to the production of ready meals, broths, pates, snacks and much more.
In 2014 a new EU legislation has come into force which will make the possibility of using products not certified organic in organic products much more restrictive. To meet the needs of producers, Lallemand has developed a new line of Certified Organic Yeast.

Bio-Lyfe 177 A:yeast extract with organic certification, characterized by a light color and a delicate flavor;
Bio-Lyfe 537 A:yeast extract with organic certification and naturally rich in 5’IMP and 5’GMP nucleotides able to point out the umami taste.

Bio-Engevita S:inactivated yeast with organic certification, naturally rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, fiber and minerals, with texturizers properties, emulsifiers and binders;
Bio-Engevita SF:inactivated yeast with organic certification, it has a greater ability to absorb water and emulsifiers. Moreover, it shows up to 60% of viscosity than a typical organic yeast.

Lallemand products are distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli SpA.

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