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Evolutionary Mayo: functional systems for new mayonnaise concepts
A food allergy is a heath condition involving the immune system, in which a person experiences adverse physical reactions to specific foods. 
In Italy food allergy affects 3,5% of the population. Eggs, cow milk and soybean, all traditionally used in mayonnaise production to achieve the best emulsion stability, texture and shelf life -are among the ingredients which can cause the most important food allergies. 
Giusto Faravelli’s Food Application Lab has developed a functional system under the FARA brand studied to offer a new concept of mayonnaise. Without eggs, milk and soybeans, Evolutionary Mayo is a valuable alternative to the traditional recipe; a safe and tasty product, dedicated to people suffering from food allergies.
Among the ingredients of the Evolutionary Mayo recipe you can find Phenolea Complex Plus Mollis, water soluble olive natural extracts. It’s an antioxidant, chelating and reducing agent. The extraction is based on a proprietary patented process which allows a solvent-free industrial scale production. It provides natural and proper food preservationwhile maintaining a Clean Label.
Nutralys is high purify pea proteins. Very mild conditions with no use of chemical solvents enable it to maintain excellent functional properties and nutritional value. Excellent water binding capacity; very resistant to heat treatment and time; it grants the stability of the final product, avoiding synerisis.
Evolutionary Mayo is part of Giusto Faravelli’s line of functional systems. Based on stabilizers and emulsifiers, FARA®Functional Systems are conceived to meet customers specific requirements in terms of textureand stabilityThey apply to wide range of foods, such as cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, desserts, jam, fruit based preparations, confectionary, dressing, drinks, meat and sauces.
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