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A powerful antioxidant and a natural flavour from olive
Phenolea®Complex Plus is an olive natural flavour extracted from olive drupes (Olea europaea L. fructus), without chemical solvents. It provides natural and proper food preservation while maintaining a Clean Label. Not only does it preserve the products from oxidation but also improves and extents the original freshness of the flavor and aroma, and preserve original colour in meat products.
 Rich in phenolic acids, PhenoleaComplex Plus represents the alternative cost-effective eco-label solution to traditional rosemary, green tea and tocopherols natural extracts or to synthetic antioxidants. PhenoleaComplex Plus has a better organoleptic impact on products, and performs a protective antioxidant and chelating activity.

Main applications

Bakery products, such as crackers, cookies, biscuits, snacks containing oils, fats, whole grain, nuts or dried fruits, are subject to oxidation during shelf-life period or when opened and stored at home. Its extensive application confirms its efficacy in preserving freshness and original fragrance of baked foods. Its performance in bakeries is unrivaled.
Meat products; PhenoleaComplex Plus inhibits free radicals and metal chelator activity on lipids and pigments. It therefore extends shelf-life in meat and poultry products. In cooked meat products a low dosage of Phenoleadelays primary and secondary oxidation with visible outcome in colour stabilization and off-flavour formation. Cooked ham, Bologna ham, hamburgers and sausages can get a valuable advantage by the use of PhenoleaComplex Plus.
The liquid form is easy to use in emulsions and may be added to brine, injected or sprayed on top.
PhenoleaComplex Plus is sourced by carefully selected traced olive by-products and extracted in the PhenoFarm industrial plant in Sabina valley, in the centre of Italy. The extraction is obtained through a chemical solvent-free process and relies on a 100% local Italian olive harvest.
Phenolea Complex Plus is distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli SpA.

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