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Maintain the quality of your harvest with medium and long-term solutions

Newpharm® is recognized as a leading company in the cereals storage market for its solutions aimed at protecting foodstuffs both in storage centres and during processing in the different industrial complexes.

The most significant advantage offered by Newpharm® is to the supply chain’ operators the most appropriate intervention strategy with flexibility.

Evaluating the nature of the operating site, the stored cereals and their respective quantities will make the preventive strategy of intervention easier.

The hygiene of the environment is the cornerstone of a successful storage. The deep removal of dust and rubble is one of the essential preliminary operations that precedes the pest control and disinfection of the environment.

The environmental pest control aims at removing the arthropods in order to create the optimal conditions for the storage phase: for this purpose Newpharm® suggests for environmental treatments the solution Actellic 5®, as its triple action results effective on flying and crawling insects.


The "trio" of Newpharm® for a long-lasting storage

Even the most demanding storage managers who are looking for a solution to the pest problem (regardless the storage duration) will be satisfied by Newpharm triple solution.

Three active substances, two different chemical families and a unique synergy guarantee intact kernels and the full health of goods, with a benefit for the whole supply chain.

Pyrimiphos-methyl contained in Actellic 5®, which acts on pests by contact, ingestion and asphyxiation, joins the antiparasitic properties of Talisma® UL and K-Obiol® ULV6. Also known for its acaricidal effects, Actellic 5® provides stored goods with a more-than-12-month-lasting protection.

As reliability and safety for the food industry are concerned, it is important to highlight the know-how acquired by Newpharm® over the years that has allowed the company to become partner of the most important world food transformation Groups. 

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