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My eatness nutraceutical: health comes eating
My Eatness is a new health eating Italian brand that won a prize with MiPAAF (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry) last year during the EXPO in Milan.
Today My Eatness has two products, an extra virgin olive oil and a tomato sauce. MyOlio is the first nutraceutical extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidant properties due to the high presence of Vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol, a component of polyphenols. MyPomodoro is a nutraceutical sauce, obtained from very sweet tomatoes, rich in beneficial properties due to the important presence of vitamin C that supports the normal formation of collagen, the normal energy metabolism, the normal psychological function and the immune system, the normal function of the nervous system, it fights against oxidative stress, increases iron absorption, reduces tiredness and fatigue. These two products will be soon followed by others like pasta, drinks and a line of products for breakfast.
A great force of My Eatness is to rigorously select raw materials offering products of the best nutritional value, rich in active principles, not added but intensified through controlled transformation processes. These products can be purchased on line, in our website, in chemists and drugstores that have the food section, they will be soon sold in gyms, sport centers and in shops specialized in wellness food.

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