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Fermentation and fortification of wheat-based products with fava bean

Italian Researchers from the University of Bari investigated on the fortification and fermentation wheat-based products in order to improve the nutritional profile (protein, fibre, minerals and bioactive compounds) and to differentiate the commercial supply, generating the interest of consumers. The results were published on Tecnica Molitoria. 69, (9): 896-909, 2018.

Amongst pulses, fava bean (FB) is a valuable source of protein and fibre, however, its use remains marginal, due to the presence of several anti-nutritional factors. Fermentation was found to be effective in their degradation and. for this reason, lactic acid bacteria isolated from FB were selected and used as starters. More specifically. FB was used to fortify wheat-based products. In details, FB fermented with an autochthonous strain of Pediococcus pentosaceus and a Lactobacillus plantarum strain, selected for the high beta-glucosidase activity, were respectively used to make bread and pasta (by replacing 30% of the wheat flour) thereby improving nutritional, technological and sensory properties.

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