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Effects of dietary fiber and antioxidant-rich ingredients on quality characteristics of pasta

In this study, published by Turkish Researchers in Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods 10, (3): 315-324, 2018, different sources of antioxidant (flaxseed, black cumin and pomegranate seed) and dietary fiber (wheat fiber, oat fiber and barley fiber) were used in fresh and dry pasta formulation to improve functional properties of pasta.

Antioxidant (5%) and dietary fiber (15%) sources were replaced with wheat semolina in pasta formulation. These functional ingredients both individually and in combinations were used to create nine different pasta formulations. Control fresh and dry pasta were prepared using wheat semolina.

The effect of different ingredients and drying process on some physical (color values, cooking properties and firmness), chemical (ash, protein, fat, total dietary fiber, antioxidant activity, total phenolic, phytic acid and mineral matter contents) and sensory properties of pasta were determined. Antioxidant activity, total phenolic and phytic acid contents were also determined in the raw and cooked form of fresh and dry pasta. Color values (L* and b*) and sensory properties of fresh pasta were found superior in comparison to dry pasta. Drying process did not affect the antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents of raw pasta, on the other hand phytic acid content decreased significantly (P<0.05) with drying application.

Fresh pasta containing oat fiber and pomegranate seed has the highest antioxidant activity and total phenolic content in both raw and cooked form. In fresh pasta, combination of dietary fibers and antioxidant sources resulted in the greatest increments with respect to Ca, Fe, K, Mg, P and Zn contents, followed by the sources of oat and barley fibers.

Combinations of antioxidant and dietary fiber improved the chemical and nutritional properties of pasta samples whereas black cumin had the most negative effect on the sensory quality of pasta despite its high antioxidant capacity.

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