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The intestinal microbiome changes with the diet

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in Huston (USA) have conducted research on the correlations between diet and composition of the intestinal microbiome. The observation involved participants aged between 50 and 65 who underwent colonoscopy between 2013 and 2017. Thanks to advanced sequencing techniques, Researchers analyzed the type and number of bacteria present in biopsies, highlighting that a diet of good quality, rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grains and low in added sugar and alcohol, it is often associated with a greater abundance of beneficial bacteria, with anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, poor quality diets correspond to an increase in pathogenic bacteria such as fusobacteria. "Factors such as aging, genetics or some drugs - explains Dr. Li Jiao, one of the authors of the study - also influence the risk of disease, but we cannot change them. The diet, on the other hand, can be modified and therefore provides a strategy for developing a microbiome that promotes a healthy life ".

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