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Protection system from volatiles for photovoltaic panels.

Paragraph 4.14.7 from the new version 8 of the BRC Global Standard introduces this important change in the field of Pest Management: "The plant must provide adequate measures to prevent the entry of birds into buildings or the nesting in loading and unloading areas.".

How to respond proactively? In our opinion, it is first of all necessary to carry out an assessment of the site's risk and to identify the areas and points that are at greatest risk for the birds. The points can be monitored by the Pest Management Technician during the services already applied at the established frequencies, for example every 15 days or monthly.

Once the procedure has been correctly applied, the documentation of the service must be produced including:
- Site Risk Assessment as a preparatory document for the monitoring plan
- Preventive actions and good practices for risk mitigation
- A list of the points at greatest risk of bird infestation
- A sheet for recording the events
- The site plan with the monitoring points identified
- Corrective actions to be taken following infestation.

We also recommend a careful analysis of what has to be done on a structural level, both in the planning and construction phase in order to eliminate all those ecological niches that can be exploited by the birds during temporary and permanent staging. For this purpose, there are specific publications very helpful.

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