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LINEA BLU gloves suitable for contact with food for 2 hours at 40°C

In addition to a wide range of disposable and reusable gloves suitable for short-term contact (30 minutes) with food, ICOGUANTI SpA offers LINEA BLU, a new specialist line of reusable and disposable products suitable for contact with food. This line of products has been certified by carrying out global and specific migration tests, and dye transmittance test for:
3. food contact time of 2 hours, therefore 4 times longer than common gloves suitable for food contact; 
4. limitation-free use, therefore, suitable for all foods: oils, fats, meat, fish, milk, dairy products, sweets, complex preparations, fruits and vegetables, alcoholic beverages.

in compliance with Italian Law (M. D. 21/3/73 and subsequent amendments) and European Regulations CE 1935/2004 and CE 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practices GMP).

All LINEA BLU gloves have been designed with basic features to optimize them for food contact i.e.:
• manufacturing processes involving subsequent washes 
• formulation without potentially hazardous components 
• blue colour for better detection in case the gloves or parts thereof get lost.

LINEA BLU products do not require suitability tables to know with which foods can be put in contact for 2 hours, which covers most of the uses, and therefore the choice will be made by correlating the needs of each individual use with the type of glove. 

LINEA BLU consists of 3 reusable gloves Nitrile leggero, Satinato blu, Felpato Blu, and two Polypro and Polypro Long disposable gloves.

Nitrile leggero is recommended for latex-free environments and for people allergic to latex as they are made of nitrile (synthetic rubber).

Satinato blu and Felpato Blu are made from natural rubber and are, therefore, characterized by greater elasticity and sensitivity. The first is fleece-free and therefore washable internally and hygienic for reuse, the second features internal fleece lining that absorbs sweat and has rolled edge that reduces the risk of breakage when putting the gloves on.

Please keep in mind that the use of reusable gloves allows you to reduce the number of disposable gloves, since they have a longer service life.

Polypro and Polypro Long are made with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) film, less adherent compared to common disposable gloves but also latex free and recyclable, therefore, it can be disposed of together with plastic, a procedure that is not allowed for natural and synthetic rubber gloves.

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