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Wine sector: the importance of a flooring system

For professionals from the wine and beverage world, SIMEI is without doubt the most important national appointment. It is here that the main market players met and that on the 2019 concept Wine and Technologies presented innovations, machines and dedicated plants. This is the scenario IPM Italia - one of the leading companies in the sector of the production and installation of continuous flooring systems for indoors and outdoors - has chosen to confirm its role and its strength.

IPM Italia’s systems for the flooring of the beverage sector at Simei 2019
Resistant to the action of acid Ph of wine or aggressive detergents, hygienic and easy to maintain, impermeable and with preventive action against dust and compliant to current regulations, IPM Italia’s system are wear-resistant and they fear neither time nor trampling, tolerate temperature changes, are anti-slip and, moreover, they guarantee an excellent aesthetical result thanks to the absence of joints and to a wide range of colours. 

The complete range of solutions dedicated to this sector:
- IPM Aquaperm Stratos is the water-dispersed and breathable system with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finish. It is made of zero VOC new generation breathable products. The speed of installation reduces the intervention times and plant downtime. The innovative IPM AQUAPERM™ hydrodispersion technology ensures resistance to high rates of humidity, bright and/or satin finishes and chemical-mechanical resistance values comparable to solvent free systems.
- IPM Stratos is the multilayered epoxy system with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finish with thickness between 1.0 and 2.5 mm. The system is suitable for use in all sectors of production, the speed of installation reduces intervention times and plant downtime. IPM Stratos with an excellent compromise between high performance and quality-price ratio represents a must of IPM Italia’s offer.
- IPM Blindo is the epoxy screed system with high thickness and monochromatic finish. Specific for the recovery of old cracked and deteriorated floorings, it is perfect for all the production areas with intense traffic and subject to heavy loads.
- IPM QCF is a decorative epoxy system with transparent finish and a mix of coloured porcelain quartzes. The installation by spatula in three or more coats allows to obtain a good planarity, correct major imperfections of the flooring and obtain a surface with different anti-slip degrees (thus respecting all the standards requested by the various application fields). The last generation version IPM QCF Rapid allows to drastically reduce installation times. The quarts aggregates at sight make the flooring not only aesthetically appealing, but also more resistant to compressive strength and abrasion. It is an excellent alternative to methacrylate since it increases the coating performance since it allows installation in a very short time, even at temperatures of up to -5°, eliminating the strong smell.
- IPM Colormix, a 2019 news, is the decorative multilayered epoxy system with the distinctive “salt and pepper effect”. The application by spatula in three or more coats allows you to obtain a good planarity and correct major imperfections of the flooring. Ideal solution for those looking for a high-performance coating, resistant but also aesthetically attractive.

The specific resinous systems for hospitality areas such as offices, showrooms, shops and refreshment points:
- IPM Fabrika, decorative system with ‘micro-cement effect” inspired by concrete floorings. It appears as a continuous and uniform flooring, but stands out for its aesthetic refinement. It is perfect for floorings requiring a contemporary effect and can also be applied vertically to walls. 

The specific treatments for outdoor areas:
- IPM GeoDrena®, eco-friendly system characterized by very high drainage capacity and by the composition based on natural inert material at sight (marble, granite, porphyry, quartz, serpentine) mixed with eco-friendly binder directly produced by IPM company. Thanks to the porous formulation, the water is drained, thus avoiding runoff and stagnation.
- IPM Green Paving Line, eco-friendly product for the stabilisation of soils and the control of dust on natural roads subject to environmental restrictions. 

On all systems IPM Italia guarantees the after-sales service of scheduled maintenance. 

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