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Colour Code Shadow Board with stainless steel frame with wheels.

Wirfly shadow boards are panels that allow the colour coded equipment used in the various company departments to be stored in an orderly and safe way. Suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries, they facilitate to hang up the cleaning tools.

Wirfly shadow boards have a uniform color background that matches the color of the cleaning tools. The pictograms of the equipment are white or black to recognize immediately the place assigned to each item.

The panel is in Dibond® aluminum with scratch-resistant serigraphy, resistant to washing. The shadow boards can be customized based on the equipment and colors chosen for each department and they can be hang on the wall or mounted on the stainless steel frame with wheels

Thanks to Wirfly shadow boards:
-it is possible to easily identify the equipment to be used in each department thus avoiding cases of cross-contamination
-the duration of the equipment is optimized thanks to the hanging system raised from the ground
-it is possible to immediately identify missing or misplaced equipment
-the reordering operations are facilitated thanks to the article code printed on the pictograms

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