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The current Health Emergency situation, in addition to having determined Health risks and entailed a series of serious economic and social consequences related with the drastic precautionary measures adopted, has brought to light an equally important problem linked to pest control.

In many cases, access to production sites has also been reduced and limited even for professional suppliers of pest monitoring services with possible related health and hygiene repercussions, on the one hand the risk that approaching the structures of pests can cause a potential risk of transmission of zoonoses*, in addition to possible direct and indirect damage and contamination of products and equipment.

According to the obligations of companies to produce safe food from all hygiene and health profiles, how can the company that provides pest monitoring services contribute to the achievement of these objectives by adapting the pest management services to the contingent situation?

First, for example, by re-modulating the frequencies and calendar of the interventions in order to perform the services with the least risk of interference with the Site staff, visiting the Company in the weekend during the closing shifts where possible and at the same time involved in the Site manager to activate all self-control and internal surveillance measures in order to report any infestation problems before they occur.

Furthermore, it is desirable to promote and use monitoring systems and equipment that allow remote monitoring as modern trap systems do with catch alerts via email or SMS.

At the same time, traps with a continuous capture tank (picture below) can be used which allow permanent monitoring with a large autonomy capacity, as well as the use of photo traps with a passage sensor to be installed, for example, in false ceilings, mezzanines, cable ducts and other hidden areas of possible interest for rodents.

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* Italian Istisan Zoonosis Report 2009-2013 Source World Health Organization according to which zoonoses, or diseases transmitted by animals to humans, are responsible for approximately one billion infections per year.

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