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UVC ray against COVID-19

Studies by researchers Christopher M. Walker and Gwang Pyo Ko entitled "Effect of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation on Viral Aerosols" has shown how UVC rays can be valuable allies against the spread of viruses like SARS: the high UV susceptibility of Covid-19 aerosols suggests that disinfecting the air through UV rays can be an effective tool to prevent major respiratory viral diseases. 

sterilAir®, a Swiss company (certified ISO 9001 and 14001) with more than 80 years of experience, offers sustainable solutions and products free of chemicals. UVC systems, developed and produced in its internal microbiology and electrical / electronic engineering laboratories, effectively prevent the spread of viruses, spores and bacteria.

Possible applications of UVC systems against Covid-19:
• In laboratories, work and production environments, with the sterilAir®UVR-4K recirculating air unit:
- The system is used in environments with weak convection and where, by necessity, the direct introduction of air must be avoided.
-The axial fan can reach a maximum flow rate of up to 800m3/h
-The UVR device, equipped with four lamps, emits a very high dose of radiation on exposed microorganisms and is capable of rendering inactive even particularly resistant mold spores.

• Inside ventilation systems with sterilAir® ESD units for air disinfection in centralized air conditioning systems of large complexes.

• Medical offices, dental clinics, shops with sterilAir® WR wall-mounted emitter.
-The WR series is used for continuous disinfection of laboratories, healthcare environments (hospitals, medical offices), work and production areas. The UV irradiation in the upper area of the room allows it to be used day and night without a risk of any danger for present people.
-The continuous and natural convection in the rooms ensures that the microorganisms carried in the air are always transported in the area of greatest action of UV rays thus causing a constant decrease in pathogens.

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