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An innovative organic disinfestation solution

With its mix of Pygrain®, Biosol® and Cereal-San® Mist, the solution designed by Newpharm® provides zero-impact for environments. Pygrain® is a liquid concentrated insecticide with natural pyrethrum suitable for any kind of environment and goods. The pyrethryns contained in the pyrethrum extract reduce and eliminate pests. To be efficient on large volumes, it is essential to have a solvent which can lift the insecticidal active ingredient up in the air. 

Newpharm® has developed Biosol®, a solvent for concentrated formulas which exploits the insecticidal properties of Pygrain® without leaving any greasy marks or wet surfaces. The solution is spread in the air by the Cereal-San® Mist compressed air device. It ensures full saturation in any environment thanks to the solution’s fast micronization which guarantees complete disinfestation. Cereal San® Mist is equipped with a manual nozzle which allows an accurate and precise spraying. It reaches narrow areas where potential colonies of insects hide, exploiting all the properties of the Pygrain® which eliminates them.

Sprayings with Cereal-San® Mist are efficient also in cracks and along rooms’ perimeters, on conveyor belts, elevators, discharge pits, empty cells and any other environment where it is advisable to have a manual nozzle to make sprayings easier. Since the first test, the innovative and 100% organic system has received a positive feedback from sector experts for its effectiveness and flexibility in various circumstances. The organic pesticidal solution was chosen for its compliance with environmental and economic sustainability criteria, thereby helping to improve the crop quality, because Newpharm®’s new pest control products are designed around environmental sustainability. 

Indeed, the perfect combination of a natural insecticide, a solvent and a compressed-air device provides a safe and effective disinfestation for all premises and cereals with an eye on the environment. Plus, the system has the benefit of being easy to use and it leaves no residues. Newpharm® produces and distributes not only cutting-edge cereal storage solutions, but also civil, industrial and zootechnical pest control products.

Dott. Stefano Cherubin
Technical manager Newpharm Srl

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