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Top Agri Group’s organic textured soy protein is the only one produced in Italy with soy grown in our farms.

Nielsen data, updated as of August 2017, show that an increasing number of Italians are switching to a vegetable-based diet. In fact, the meat substitutes market is on the rise with a 23% increase in sales in modern distribution. Moreover, most of these are textured soy protein products. However, there are still a few aspects that don’t convince the end consumer, such as the possible presence of GMOs, doubts about the origin of the raw materials used in the composition of the end product, and the possible use of herbicides on crops. Modern consumers need to be reassured about what they eat, and Top Agri Group can do that. In fact, our entire supply chain is managed by the group’s companies, from sowing organic soy seeds in their farms, growing, and harvesting, and selecting them, to the deoiling and texturisation processes carried out in Italy’s only industrial textured soy protein production plant, which has an annual output of 4,000 tonnes. This way, our companies can provide consumers with organic products of certified origin, 100% Italian, and guarantee the highest quality from the fields to your table. 


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