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Top Agri Group’s organic textured soy protein is the only one produced in the group’s industrial plant.

Italy’s first industrial plant to produce high-quality organic and non-organic textured soy protein was recently inaugurated in Roverchiara, near Verona. 

Following its first installation in 2015, the production process has since been fine-tuned, thanks to research and numerous accurate tests. The added value that sets this plant apart from the competition is that Top Agri Group controls the entire production chain. 

The first step consists in the selection of the seeds, which is essential for the characteristics that will reflect on the press cake. The selected variety is then grown in the fields owned by the group. Once ripe, we harvest the soy and store it on our Verona plant; then, we process it to obtain oil and the press cake. However, the latter is limited by anti-nutritional factors and, therefore, wouldn’t be digestible. That’s when texturisation steps in, a thermal process during which the product is exposed to extremely high temperatures for a few seconds before quickly cooling down after losing most of its water in the form of vapour. Reduction of the fungal and bacterial charge, elimination of all enterobacteriaceae, improved protein digestibility, and increased product shelf life are only a few of the positive results that this process, fully controlled and managed by Top Agri Group, can achieve. 

Textured soy protein is the product that results from this process, and it’s available in granules, chunks, and middlings. Different grain sizes are available for meeting any requirement. 

Today, the plant has a total output of about 4000 tonnes/year. We aim to become the ideal partner for the companies in this industry. 


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