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The LBG Sicilia headquarter at Ragusa.

LBG Sicilia is specialised in the design, production and sale of high quality functional ingredients and systems for the Food Industry. Seedgum® (carob seed powder), and Solmix® (stabilizing ingredients) are its two brands.

Founded in 2001, LBG Sicilia has become one of the leading companies in the Locust Bean Gum market - the world’s second producer - supplying the largest food companies in more than 80 countries.

Seedgum® is worldwide recognized for its quality and reliability, which is the result of the experience that the company has developed. The success of LBG Sicilia is made of a careful selection of raw materials and of a constant improvement of the production process. Moreover, Seedgum® products are 100% natural thanks to their chemical-free production.

In 2013, inspired by the developed competences in the Hydrocolloids market, the company started a process of diversification, creating the new Solmix® Food System Division. It is dedicated to the design and production of Functional Systems, mainly dealing with Stabilizing and Texturizing Systems of Hydrocolloids, Emulsifier and Functional Ingredients. Thanks to Functional ingredients, LBG Sicilia wants to be innovative by giving very high quality and excellent customer service. The company wants to replicate the success obtained with Seedgum® brand, exploiting the synergies and complementarity between the two markets and the skills developed over the years: Innovation, Flexibility, Food Safety, deep knowledge of international markets.

Solmix® fields of application are gathered in the following macro categories:


Solmix® IC (Ice Cream)

The quality of Italian ice cream has a world wide reputation. With this heritage of excellence LBG Sicilia  designed the SOLMIX® IC range, a complete Ice Cream Stabilisers range for all the modern industry requirements. Creaminess, mouthfeel and other functional features like ice crystal prevention, are at the top with SOLMIX® IC range.


Solmix® S (Sauces and Dressing)

Gums and stabilizers are key ingredients in dressings and sauces. They help stabilise emulsions can suspend spices and other particulates, help thicken and add mouthfeel. This enables low fat, low oil products to be manufactured with the characteristics of the typical product and with additional process tolerance.


Solmix® D (Dairy)

There are some applications where Locust Bean Gum is one of the ingredients that you cannot substitute. Cream Cheese is one of them. Our SOLMIX® D range combines the perfect mix of the best Hydrocolloids to give the best Texture and to avoid syneresis. It is used in products such as desserts, creams of animal or vegetable origin spreadable cheese and milk drinks. 


Solmix® F (Fruit)

Synergism of LBG with Kappa Carrageenan and Xanthan Gum, is one of the most used in many gelling applications. Using its great experience and knowledge of the properties of the different Locust Bean Gum types, LBG Sicilia is able to supply the Food Industry with the best performance and yield Functional Systems. 

Innovation and Research are LBG Sicilia key concepts. To design Innovative Food Stabilizing and Texturizing Solutions the company realized a Functional Systems R&D Center of almost 1.000 sqm, with Chemical, Physical and Microbiological Labs, Applications’ Lab and Pilot plants suitable for almost all food application. 

Pharma standards thanks to chemical-free production and revolutionary blending plant respects Food Safety. Bar Code Automated Management and sophisticated control Systems supervise batch-to-batch production.


LBG Sicilia s.r.l

Zona Industriale 3° fase - 97100 Ragusa – Italy

Tel +39 0932 668 559 - Fax +39 0932 667 533

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Food applications of LBG Sicilia stabilising ingredients.

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