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Frigerio Food Ingredients solutions for the vanilla market

Madagascar is the world’s biggest producer of vanilla, supplying four-fifths of the global vanilla harvest every year.

In 2006, Symrise became the first flavours and fragrances company to have its own vanilla plantations in Madagascar. From the very start, the company was committed to working with local producers and their communities to establish a supply chain that created shared value for all parties involved.

The cyclone that recently devastated parts of Madagascar and the lack of biosynthesis of the aromatic components of the vanilla pods led to a sudden shortage of vanilla, putting the industry surrounding one of the most popular flavourings in the world under huge pressure. The sudden lack of the raw material saw demand far exceed supply, with the price of vanilla spiking as a result. 

Yet given that it has its own vanilla plantations, Symrise has been able to deal with the vanilla shortage, a problem that has been causing big problems on the global market in recent years.

It means that Symrise is able to help its clients overcome current market challenges, supplying a vast range of vanilla flavours and fragrances. Frigerio Food Ingredients and Symrise offer a range of personalised solutions designed to fit consumer requirements and needs:

- Exhausted vanilla pods

- Natural vanilla extracts

- Natural vanilla flavourings

- Natural flavourings

- Flavourings

- Vanillin (synthetic)

- Vanillin substitute natural flavouring and vanillin substitute flavouring 


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