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Value-enhanced ingredient with thermostable high resistant starch

Resistant starch (RS) is attracting a growing interest within the milling industry, due to its nutraceutical importance and scientifically based beneficial effects. However, if the main aim is to identify ingredients with high-RS content, searching for native ingredients (raw) may not be practical, as the fraction of RS contained in native sources, when subjected to the cooking step, undergoes irreversible changes which may contribute to transform a large part of it into available starch. 

In a work published on “Tecnica Molitoria” 69, (6): 574-588, 2018, different thermal and enzymatic pre-treatments have been carried out to increase the portion of thermostable RS starting from native starches. Although the response to individual pre-treatments is related to the physicochemical characteristics of the starting materials, data suggested to Gianluca Giuberti from University of Piacenza the possibility to create value- enhanced ingredients for the milling industry with high thermostable RS content using specific procedural schemes.

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