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Symrise explores two relevant topics in the food and beverage sector: grill flavours and reducing sugar.

New grill flavourings
On 22 April 2018, the EFSA banned the majority of traditional grill flavours, deeming them "unsafe" for personal health based on the latest data.

What to do, then?

In order to overcome the problem, Symrise developed new grill flavours to offer its clients before the EFSA ban could become a real problem for the industry. Grillicious is the perfect answer in terms of performance, labelling and costs! A sensory panel led by "Symrise Sensory" showed that product samples containing Grillicious were virtually identical to samples of products prepared with traditional grill flavours. In other words, food companies can be sure that Grillicious will mean their products will maintain the same level of appeal for their loyal customers! With Grillicious, Frigerio Food Ingredients offers a comprehensive range of solutions (natural flavours, flavours, ingredients – liquid and powder) to give that grill flavour to snacks, ready meals, sauces, marinades and processed meat (such as hamburgers).

The advantages of Grillicious:
- Reliable and fully controlled supply chain
- In line with regulations
- Added value for consumers (some products include natural flavours)
- Stability in terms of costs

Symlife Taste Modulation
Consumers are increasingly informed and attentive in their choices, especially in terms of health, lifestyle and food choices. They are increasingly demanding that food companies provide products with practical benefits and products that can be perceived as "healthier" as they strive to achieve balanced nutrition. The reduction of sugar is a key issue for consumers, but it is also – and above all – fundamental for the EFSA scientific community, which has decided to adopt specific measures in this area. Sugar is seen as one of the biggest causes of obesity and diabetes. It’s therefore essential that food companies adapt to ensure they adhere to new regulations. Reducing sugar in food products does not simply result in a less sweet product, however – it also influences a range of other equally important product characteristics.

Less sugar in dairy products (ice cream, fresh desserts, yoghurts and so on) means:
- A general worsening of the organoleptic qualities (flavour, consistency etc.)
- Increased acidity
- Increased bitterness
- Appearance of possible off notes 

Reduced sugar can lead to disadvantages in bakery products too. It can have an influence on the consistency of the product, on its palatability in the mouth, on its aromatic profile and – last but certainly not least – on the overall performance of the finished product. Sugars have a big influence in the preparation phase and in the baking phase of doughs. They can have a particularly important effects on the structure of the products during the production processes. Last but not least, the drinks industry is also affected by the trend of the reduction of sucrose, which causes a pejorative effect on the flavour of the finished products.

So what’s the best way to face these technological, sensory and health-related challenges?

Frigerio Food Ingredients offers the Symlife® Sweet Taste Modulation range, perfect for finished products with 25% less sugar. Taste modulation is one of Symrise’s biggest strengths. The company undertakes constant research and has over 40 patents in the taste modulation sector. Symrise, as an industry leader, offers natural solutions in both liquid and powder form that adhere to regulations and that have been tested on a range of dairy, bakery and cereal products. 


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