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Eatruscan, your reliable partner in lean production


Eatruscan is a company with professionals specialising in agriculture, agronomy, bio-chemistry and diffusion, who follow cannabis production right from the field. They focus on the study, processing, and experiments with all non-psychoactive cannabinoids and specifically CBD, the new, true star of natural medicine. The organisation includes 2 production plants, one in Gubbio and one in Rimini. In Gubbio, at 700 metres above sea level, the science of resistance in agriculture is practised: for many years, the permitted varieties of cannabis sativa and companion crops have been sown for experimental purposes, such as chilli pepper “Moruga” and “Caroline Raper”, together with high oleic sunflowers. Here one can also find the Cannabis Clinic & Restaurant, an idea which combines top quality hospitality and catering with cannabis and herbal extracts. The crowning achievement of the semi-industrial plant in Rimini, on the other hand, is its life cycle assessment (energy impact 0, thanks to its photovoltaic system). The majority of Eatruscan‘s corporate investments for 2018 have been channelled into this structure, unique of its kind in Italy. Production levels are guaranteed not only by a large harvesting machine, a dryer and modern rooms and machines to transform the cannabis (the plant’s annual nominal capacity is 500 tons), but also by an HPLC technique to measure the various plant components in real time.

Eatruscan is able to offer small and large operators large quantities of seeds, oil, flour, tea cut and non-THC cannabinoids with total traceability and clear specifications. The company not only produces under its own trademarks of Canapoli (dedicated to herbalist, organic and 0/footprint shops), Canapeutical (the brand for pharmacies, doctors, professionals and pharmaceutical companies) and Almamaria (the young, cheeky brand deeply rooted in Romagna), it also boasts numerous white label projects, for which the Umbrian/Romagna company is leader in Italy and abroad. These have allowed it to develop an extremely high profile know-how, and thus adapt to both customer and market requirements.

Eatruscan aims to show the major operators in the food sector that it is capable of providing large quantities of totally traceable cannabis products, only and always processed in Italy according to production requirements, to guarantee the product has the longest possible shelf life.

Società Agricola Eatruscan Srl
Via San Bartolo Snc, 06024 Gubbio (PG) Italy
Tel. +39 075 9976314 – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -

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