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For a better gut feeling: 2ab Wheat is a well-tolerated alternative

Modern wheat is under fire. In fact, more and more consumers are experiencing digestive disorders when they eat wheat-containing bread – even though they may not actually have celiac disease. With 2ab Wheat, GoodMills Innovation offers a rediscovered ancient variety of wheat that can solve this problem. 

The difference between this ancient wheat and conventional wheat lies in genetics: 2ab Wheat contains only the AA and BB genomes – not the D genome, which is thought to be responsible for the formation of gluten peptides (gluten D). It is these peptides that cause digestive discomfort for so many people. Furthermore, 2ab Wheat is low in FODMAP, which have been linked to wheat sensitivity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it contains high amounts of the trace element selenium.

The ideal solution for people with wheat intolerances

Until now, 2ab Wheat has offered two main benefits: excellent digestibility and a mild taste for consumers, and ideal technical properties for bakers. This makes it perfect for those who react to common bread wheat but don’t want to give up their beloved breads or rolls. In addition, 2ab Wheat makes it easy for artisan and industrial bakers to meet the current consumer “back to roots” trend by offering “real” ancient grain products. While other ancient grains like emmer and einkorn suffer from poor sensorial and technical properties and need to be processed with additional standard wheat flour, 2ab Wheat does not. So, with easy-to-process 2ab Wheat, bakeries can finally offer customers true “back to roots” products made purely from ancient grains – soft and juicy ciabatta, panini and focaccia, too. 

“2ab Wheat plus”: Pure ancient grain bread with a metabolic boost

As an extension of the 2ab concept, GoodMills Innovation has created a recipe for an ancient grain bread that boosts the metabolism. Based on 2ab Wheat flour and crispies from Tartary Buckwheat, a prehistoric grain with valuable phytochemicals such as rutin, this innovative bread supports carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and is also suitable for sensitive eaters. 

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