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The passion for nature has always guided us in the research and production of Flavors & Colors in order to offer high quality and stable solutions, always with respect for Nature and Environment.

AromataGroup is a group of companies specialized in the production of flavors and colors for the food and beverage industry.

Thanks to its Research & Development team, structured to propose solutions with a strong creative content, AromataGroup offers always new innovative proposals. Each product is the result of the experience and in-depth knowledge of the final products composition and latest production technologies.

In the recent years, interest has focused on the natural world: AromataGroup has in fact developed several natural products aimed at satisfying the increasingly frequent requests of customers.

Specifically, ad hoc lines have been studied for the segments of ice cream and beverages.

Alongside the classic range of natural fruit flavors, there is the complete line of powdered juices, ideal for mixes for semi-finished products.

Respecting the Italian tradition, known and appreciated throughout the world, AromataGroup has also developed a complete range of classic natural flavors such as fiordilatte, creams, pistachio, hazelnut, and many more.

Key point in the development of new flavors is the in-depth study of market trends: in the last period, the R&D department is focused on the development of innovative flavors inspired by the world of berries, such as cranberry, chokeberry and sea buckthorn, already known for their countless beneficial properties.

Concerning the beverage applications, on the other hand, the novelty concerns the combination of traditional herbal extracts with the innovation of new market demands such as ginger and pink grapefruit.

This synergy is allowing to realize new complex tastes applicable both in the markets of liqueurs and beverages.


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