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Natural dyes

As we all know, all market studies have long indicated that consumers have become increasingly selective and attentive to their diet, preferring less refined products, with cleaner labels and fewer additives.

In line with this trend, in parallel with the range of natural colors (E. Number Reg. 1333/2008) the R&D laboratory of AromataGroup is engaged in the development of clean label solutions: the so-called coloring foodstuffs. The new range of products is based on concentrates, extracts, aromatic preparations of exclusively natural origin. It is obtained after a careful selection of plant-based raw materials, such as plants, fruits, vegetables, which are chosen to the best of their intrinsic coloring characteristics.

The company offers specific solutions by creating new proposals, such as the new "Shiny Orange", which guarantees, in acidic environments, a deep orange hue. Initially designed for alcoholic drinks, its stability in the light makes it interesting throughout the beverage industry, from sports drinks, juices and fruit preparations. Shiny Orange is stable in light and heat, keeping its shade vibrant even during processing processes, as well as excellent shelf life.

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